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(Thursday, October 18, 2007)

Adobe Flash CS3

This is a flash Video Gallery developed by Adobe Flash CS3 by adobe team, you can see the demo here and you can download also the source code, the Video flash gallery includes this functionalities:

* Greater performance using less code (easier to understand)
* Simplified and organized template structure and XML structure
* More easily scalable code framework using ActionScript 3.0
* ActionScript 3.0 XML handling (cool stuff, very easy to use)
* ActionScript 3.0 components
* Complete skinning control for custom branding and design
* Use of an external FLV file, FLVPlayback component, and custom user interface components now used by the detail video
* Full-screen mode for the detail video
* Use of either an external FLV or embedded video for the thumbnail video

Read More and download the Source from here

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