Creating photo Galleries with Adobe photoshop or photoshop element 2 was always an easy task , but nowdays with the use of Photoshop element 5 and hotoshop Lightroom, Adobe introduces a new generation of Flash-based web galleries that deliver an engaging user experience and provide many styling and customization options.

Photoshop Elements and Lightroom ship with a single SWF file containing the gallery program, which users can customize extensively using the authoring interface in those programs.

Michael Slater and Trent Brown from Adobe , will explain different necessary steps for customizing web photo galleries in ActionScript

Adobe has published the Adobe Media Gallery code as open source, so you can modify it or learn from it to create entirely new galleries. To help get you started, this article provides an overview of how the Adobe Media Gallery works with the XML files. After you read this article, you should refer to the Adobe Media Gallery XML specification and the other resources listed at the end for more details.

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