This tutorial will cover one of the most interesting and powerful Variable Types in Actionscript,"The Arrays.
Well to get this Simple for you , the Array is an Object that lets you save, access and manipulate the content of the Arrays.
The Array is an object whose properties are identified by a number representing their position in the array, this Number is referred by "index", All Array starts with the Index 0.
and there is no better than example to clarify this, I will Create an Array Called ourArray.

ourArray[0] = "Monday"
ourArray[1] = "Tuesday"
ourArray[2] = "Wednesday"
ourArray[3] = "Thursday"

Now let's discuss what we can do with this Arrays, Normally Arrays stores a lot different data from Strings , Integers , Complex object to Arrays , which means that you can create a multi-dimension Array by inserting an Array into another.
This is an Array holding a different type of Variable.

//lets create ourArray
var ourArray = new Array("I am String into my our Array" );

//lets create myArray
myArray[0] = "I am a String";
myArray[1] = 5; // I am a number.
myArray[2] = ourArray ; // I am an Array

trace(myArray[2][0]); // The output will be "I am String into my our Array".

The Array Object has several method for manipulating the array.
Array.concat : Concatenates the parameters and returns them as a new array. Example:

// creates array [1,3,5,2,4,6,7,8,9]

Array.join : Joins all elements of an array into a string.. Example:

a = new Array("Mon","Tue","Wed")
// returns Mon, Tue, Wed
trace(a.join(" - "));
// returns Mon - Tue - Wed
trace(a.join(" + "));
// returns Mon + Tue + Wed

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